Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Like it Hot

So continuing north from Monkey Mia, we passed the area that flooded a couple of weeks ago, drowning the town of Carnarvon and at least three of its gas stations on the edge of town. From the looks of things, they must have been cut off from the highway access for a few days at least ,and the road was still under water at one point - Rick enjoyed driving through the shallow lake rather than taking the detour, just for video sake. We asked a lady in the local fish and chips shop if the town had much damage, but she said just the places nearer the highway in the old riverbed, and some farmlands where they grow mangos, banana and vegetables. We could see pumpkins floating along the fencelines, quite a bit of damage to the area, but clean up was underway.

The temperature was rising the further north we got. At the Overlander Roadhouse we askedthe temperture, and were told about 42 or 44 maybe, not as hot as last weeks 46....ugh. and with the humidity from the flooding, it was damn hot. We did have some cooling as we ducked back off the highway towards Coral Bay, but 38 is not much cooler. With the air conditioning on full, we were happy to spot the beach.

We were warned back in Busselton that the reason most of the caravan parks were full and busy with summer holiday'ers was due to the horrible heat up north - who would want to go up there mate? but yeah, we couldn't come all this way and not see the sights, whatever the time of year.... but for these Canucks, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. And the sticky flies, well, they just put us just about over the edge.

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